I ran into the issue the other day of getting my Jenkins to be able to
run rake tasks on a remote server. So I decided to write a rake task
that allowed it to offload the connection to the remote box onto
Capistrano. This nifty little Rake task will allow you to run Rake tasks
in a production environment on a remote server using the Dynamic Duo of
Capistrano 3 and Rake.

desc "Easily Run rake task on a remote server"
  task :server_side_rake do
    on roles(:app), in: :sequence, wait: 5 do
      within release_path do
      with rails_env: :production do
      execute :rake, ENV['task'], "RAILS_ENV=production"

Then you can run your one off rake task with the following command:

cap production server_side_rake task=one_time_rake_task --trace

Easy as that!