So as some may know and others may not, I dabble in the Dj’ing
business. I have one recurring gig that I come back to every year. The
Prom and or Homecoming of my old Alma Mater. So the topic of this blog
post is dance floor psychology, just to preface this with the most
“psychology” experience I have is one semester in college, and it was
an 8 a.m. class so we all know how that goes.

So let’s set the stage about what I observed. The two dances in
question happened 1 year apart from one another; they were held at
different locations, with a different choice of students even though
some of them overlapped. The one dance was held at a hotel or event
center in a room named after some type of tree, Maple or Oak leaf.
That venue’s dance floor that was roughly the size of freshman college
dorm room, including the awkward budding into adulthood smell that
comes with it. The venue this year was in a large industrial barn-like
building. The dance floor, roughly the size of a football field. Keep
in mind this was the same amount of students as before, 120 students.

The observation, in the smaller venue every kid got on that dance
floor even though it was jam-packed and packed full of preteen
hormones and sweat. The kids danced all night and it was probably the
best event we have thrown. This year however the kids were very
reluctant to dance and when they finally came out to the dance floor
it was a struggle to keep them there.

My theory is that the kids being roughly between the ages of 16 - 19
are still struggling with their self-confidence and self-image. The
fact that they could blend into a crowd and feed off each other’s
energy. The students were among their peers and move collectively not
worrying about the typical status or ranks of high school. However,
this year, with the dance floor so large and open most of the kids
stayed in their respective cliques and didn’t cut loose or open up to
the music as well.

In summary, none of this really means much just something very
interesting that I noticed in life. I’m sure that this could be
applied to business, market trends, or something else in a deep
profound way but… I am not knowledgeable enough in those areas to
confidently make any assumptions. So for now just take it as I write
it I guess. I’m just a guy making observations in life, and attempting
to write about them.

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